Mianyang High-tech Zone
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Ten o'clock this morning, sunny, Mianyang Panjia Technology Co., Ltd., Mianyang City Dengfeng Technology Co., Ltd. ushered in a group of distinguished guests "- Mianyang High-tech Zone Party Committee Secretary Xia Ming led the party committee Several leaders of the leadership team visited the inspection and research.

This is also the second time since the beginning of this year, the key leaders of the Party committees in high-tech zones come to our company to investigate and fully explain the high-tech zone party committees and government leaders attach great importance to our company and care!


 Under the leadership of General Manager Zhang Shixiang, the Party Secretary of Summer Party Secretary and other Party Working Committees has successively gone deep into the climbing pole production workshop and Dengfeng production workshop to learn more about the production and operation of our company. At the workshop of Dengfeng, the unmanned supermarket "Guiji and" shared bookstore, "Mr. Zhang Shixiang, general manager of the Secretary-General introduced to the Secretary Shu and other" unmanned supermarket "market development and investment plans, Summer Secretary interested to listen to and understand our company," no one supermarket " Mode of operation and future mode of operation, when informed that this section of the "unmanned supermarket" for our independent research and development partners and other strategic partners, the summer secretary is to give a high praise.

  Prior to the end of the investigation, Summer Secretary also asked in detail the current difficulties in the production and operation of Division I, encourage our company to overcome their own difficulties and then continue to strive for greater breakthroughs, to obtain better operating results, and again High-tech Zone that the party committee and government will also be based on the actual situation of research to give business a powerful help!