How to improve the aesthetic appearance of
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Aggregation In order to enhance the overall effectiveness of sheet metal chassis cabinets frame with double folding edge design so that the front door can be installed when the stiffener to improve its overall demeanor. For the new design of the hinge-type structure conducive to the opening of sheet metal chassis door and the left and right direction of the exchange. At the same time sheet metal chassis cabinet dusting treatment to increase the anti-rust and anti-corrosion and anti-UV performance.

Sheet metal chassis cabinets with floor-standing equipment, using ergonomic principles. General In order to allow sheet metal chassis cabinets to conduct a full range of equipment inside the observation of the use of glass decoration conducive to the operation of the equipment. Sheet metal chassis cabinet how to have a good production effect, have to start with the selection. High quality products must be made of high quality materials. Designer's design capability must be good, according to customer needs and the needs of the environment to tailor the customer to ensure that the overall performance of sheet metal chassis cabinet design.

For sheet metal processing in the production process, Beijing Juzhong Joint Sheet Metal Processing Plant needs to consider its overall effect on power supply setting, heat dissipation compatibility and cable distribution, so that human control of the sheet metal chassis cabinet has a good usability. Weave-like appearance of the setting and the existence of the arc handle coupled with the sheet metal chassis cabinet with soft and generous color equipment so that the overall upgrade the so-called temperament.

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