The self-service vending machines independently developed by our company will be
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      This morning, by the wisdom commercial branch of china business federation, Guangdong association of enterprises for foreign economic cooperation, Guangdong dealers' chamber of commerce,the Guangdong economic and trade development promotion association and other units jointly organized the "guangzhou international businessintelligence equipment industry exposition 2019" in Guangzhou Haizhu of Guangdong province, the exposition is expected to continue until February 27. Mr. Zong yulin, chairman of our company, and Mr. Zhang shixiang, general manager of our company, together with relevant research personnel, participated in this exhibition. Many kinds of vending machines, such as vertical lifting type and lattice type, which were independently developed by our company, were exhibited in zone B of Canton fair exhibition and attracted many domestic and foreign guests to visit.
      The appearance of lattice vending machines are simple and bright, with various types of goods available for sale and convenient payment methods, which are highly favored by the guests.
      Mr. Zhang shixiang, the general manager of the company, and the staff of the research and development department respectively explained to the guests who came to watch and negotiate business, and introduced the structure, function and operation mode of various styles of products including the lattice vending machine.
With the development of mobile business, vending machines, as a convenient and intuitive tool of mobile business, have been rapidly popularized and developed all over the world. In China, vending machines will also develop into a huge industry. Therefore, our company is constantly enriching the scientific research team, in order to  meet the market demand better and promote the development of the industry, our company will continue to invest in the research and development of sales technology, in order to make greater progress and improve!