Leaders of provincial food and drug administration visited company
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      On the afternoon of January 15, Yao, former director of food and drug administration of Sichuan province, Du, director of Anzhou district and Deng, director of Anzhou industrial park came to visit our company. Zhang Shixiang ,the general manager of our company ,together with staff warmly welcome the arrival of leadership, and report our output and development of the company in 2018, the future development direction in 2019, when the leaders heard our company sales valuein just the past 2018 years was very surprised.They gave high evaluationfor our company in last year's achievements.
      Mr. Zhang accompanied Mr. Yao, Mr. Du and Mr. Deng and other leaders to visit the production site of the company. From the panel beating workshop to the assembly site, Mr. Zhang introduced the equipment, production structure and main partners of the company to the leaders one after another, which was unanimously recognized and praised by the leaders.
      After the visit, a group of people came to the company's laboratory on the first floor. Inside a few new equipments attracted the attention of the leaders, a group of people have stopped to watch. General manager Mr. zhang introduced that the equipments were newly developed and created by our company and the staff showed the functions and characteristics of the equipments to the leaders . Leaders have expressed the distinct advantages of these equipments, hoping that our company can seize the opportunity to increase input in production,the smart manufacturing market prospects is very good, only ahead of others and harvest more than others.
      Mr. Yao has fully affirmed our company’s position in intelligence   manufacturing industry status and also has high hopes  to its new subsidiary wise bird software development company, Mr. Zhang on behalf of the company and staff expressed thanks to the visit of the leaders for their concern and support in recent years to our company , and said that  in the future we will continue to innovate, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, make contributions to the local economic development, win honour for the city of science and technology , in order to  return the government and society.