The Anzhou industrial park 98th anniversary celebration of CCP held in PF
Author:ChenYuTime:2019-07-01 09:25:00Hits:
Today, the Chinese Communist Party is the 98 years old! Over the past 98 years, CCP has made unremitting efforts to fundamentally change China's future and destiny, and created a great miracle that will go down in history. Here, PF sincerely wish a happy birthday and wish our great motherland more brilliant tomorrow!
      This morning, as leaders of AnZhou industrial park came to PF, the celebration began to open gradually with the music of the march of volunteers.
     CaiXiaoling, deputy secretary of the party working committee, director of the management committee, extended festival greetings and read out praise list, awarded prizes to the advanced collectives and individuals, and expressed gratitude to the party members and cadres who made great efforts for the development of the whole area.
    At the celebration, Cai read out Approval on the establishment of the communist party branch of PF. Then, Du Xiaoli, Secretary of the party working committee of Anzhou industrial park, awarded the brand and awarded the seal for our company. and,She kui, the first secretary of the party branch of our company, on behalf of the party branch, thanked the leaders of the park for their recognition and encouragement of the establishment of the party branch. He said that we will keep in mind the original intention and mission of the communists and forge ahead with courage!
    Today, PF is also one of  little parts of the CCP. We will continue to do our every effort to make contribution and witness the rapid development of the Chinese nation!