Celebrate Dragon Boat Festival
Author:Li XinmaioTime:2019-06-06 10:56:00Hits:
      PF wish all staff have a good health in Dragon boat festival.
     5th May in lunar calendar of every year is Chinese traditional fesvtive—Dragon Boat Festival.
     This festival originated from a popular patriotic story. It has said that QuYuan, the poet of Chu kingdom, suicide by jumping in river in order to persuade his emperor. So whether out of the inheritance of Chinese tradition or to commemorate the patriotic poet Qu Yuan, we Chinese people always remember and respect the festival.
    The eve of the Dragon Boat Festival, the department of administration on behalf of the company sent gift box at two factories. All of us were happy and full of joy and everyone is blessing each other.
    The gift is small but meaningful. Our company hopes that all employees feel the warmth and care, and also work hard in the future.