The Malaysian customer cooperate with PF
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On the afternoon of November 11, 2019, Malaysian customers Raja and Nanta were invited to our company. Mr Raja and Mr Nanta are here to inspect the spring vending machine that was customized two months ago and to discuss further cooperation with us. General manager Mr. Zhang and all department managers welcomed them.

Previously, Mr. Raja and Mr. Nanta customized the 21.5-inch refrigerated vending machine, which is indepen

dently developed by our company. The machine has a 21.5 inch touch screen, WeChat, alipay payment; Refrigeration system stability: refrigeration temperature 4-25℃ (adjustable). Besides, it boasts for its large size. According to Mr. Raja's requirements, the machine has been added note and coin payment functions and modified spring coil spacing, interface setting and other elements to make it more applicable to the actual situation in Malaysia.

On the morning of 12th, in the third workshop where our company displayed the prototype, Zhang Cong, the head of R&D, demonstrated the new cash payment function. And other staff carefully recorded Mr. Raja and Mr.Nantar’s questions and suggestions that work attitude and ability give our friends from afar a deep impression. In addition, they are also very interested in the lockers and ice cream machines and we look forward to further cooperation with our friends.

Following the cooperation between the Spanish, Mr. Raja and Mr. Nanta who came from afar also have great desire to cooperate with our company. We hope that in the near future, with the joint efforts of both parties, our smart sales machine will be introduced to Malaysia, and expanded our business with our efforts