Over 10 Central、Sichuan and Mianyang news reporters visit PF
Author:ChenYuTime:2019-06-06 16:53:00Hits:
   On 6th June, Over 10 Central、Sichuan and Mianyang news reporters visit our company and experience our management mode as well as find our new appearance. On behalf of company, Wei Haowen, administrative manager, Chen Zhiquan, on duty factory director, and Bai Ganglin, PMC manager extend a warm welcome to the journalists. 
       Look, there is a vending machine placed at the door side of our company! All journalists were deeply attracted by it, and its main function is serving snacks and drinks for our staffs. Mr. Wei warmly introduced the functions, features and usage of this device and even some friends cannot help to took out their mobile phones to try. Then, we together visit workshop and Mr.Chen make detailed introduction, including name, origin and processing methods of deveices. All of media reporters who have never contacted sheet metal industry find it refreshing.
      When we come into No.3 workshop, busy workers and production scene make friends feel PF’s initiative creative power. Also, Mr,Chen introduces PF’s new vending machines in detail.
       Almost every friend praises that PF has large scale, excellent environment and production orders. In particular, A reporter of Mianyang Evening News pointed out that he witnessed the progress of our company bit by bit, from a small factory, dozens of people to today's nearly 10 million square meters factory. Finally, we are very thanks friends’ visiting .