Welcome to the 3rd Western China International Investment and Trade Fair
Author:Yang Xiaotong Time:2021-05-27 11:12:00Hits:
     The theme of the third Western China International Fair for Investment and Trade 2021 is to "Enter the West and negotiate the future"There are eight themed pavilions covering an area of 11 million square meters. More than 4100 enterprises (institutions) participated in the exhibition, and the products on display covered more than 20 fields. Panfeng intelligence will also appear in the exhibition, inviting you to see our growth.

     The booth of Panfeng intelligence is in the theme exhibition hall of Chengyu Twin Cities Economic Circle. Two star products intelligent coffee machine and ice cream will be displayed.
The appearance of the ice cream machine is pink and lovely, and the ice cream is delicious, cool and nutritious, attracting many exhibition visitors to stop and buy.

    It has many advantages, like fast cooling, fast purchase, intelligent payment, small floor area (only 0.7 square meters). Ice cream is suitable for various environments to meet the adaptive needs of different people, which has attracted the attention of many exhibitors!

    The appearance of Panfeng intelligent coffee machine is novel and high-end, giving you luxurious visual enjoyment. It is open 24 hours a day, fully automatic and easy to move. The machine has the advantages of small space, large energy, higher efficiency and lower cost.

    Of course, in addition to the two products displayed in this exhibition, we also have an intelligent rice milling machine that retains the nutritional germ of rice, an eco-friendly degradable plastic bag vending machine, and an intelligent planter vending machine that allows you to return to your rural life in seconds!

    The exhibition has come to a successful ending. Thank the audience and all partners for their hard work, Panfeng intelligent will continue to strive to provide the industry and you with better quality unmanned retail products and services.

    For more information welcome to call!