Members of Fucheng Private Enterprise Association Visited Panfeng
Author:Yang Xiaotong Time:2021-05-28 11:23:00Hits:
      On May 26, Hu Bing, chairman of Fucheng Private Enterprise Association, Mi Dongsheng, secretary-general of Fucheng Private Enterprise Association and other leaders visited Mianyang Panfeng Intelligent Manufacturing Co., LTD.

      We focused on the theme of "understanding the needs of the member enterprises, enabling the member enterprises to operate", strengthening the depth of cooperation between the members of the association of private enterprises, and promoting the common development of the member enterprises.

Mr. Zhang Shixiang, general manager of Mianyang Panfeng Intelligent Manufacturing Co., LTD., on behalf of all the staff, warmly welcomes the leaders of Mianyang Fucheng Minenterprises Association. The development process, corporate culture, achievements and future strategic planning of Panfeng Intelligence are introduced in detail.

   As soon as the leaders walked into Panfeng Intelligent, they were first attracted by the smart vending machines, including a coffee maker, an ice cream maker and a popcorn maker. The freshly ground coffee is rich and fragrant, and the milk tea is sweet and delicious. The popcorn is crispy; The ice cream is delicious in color and exquisite in taste. After tasting, we are full of praise for the intelligent selling machine independently researched and developed by Panfeng Intelligence. We believe that this kind of intelligent product will be an essential product for the development of The Times. At the same time, the lean and convenient operation and management of this kind of machine build the cost leading advantage.

    Mr. Zhang Shixiang, general manager, also led us to visit the production workshops and intelligent products exhibition hall to understand the operation and production of our high-tech production equipment such as turret CNC punch, bending robot and welding robot. They also visited other products produced by Panfeng Intelligence. The leaders of fucheng Private Enterprise Association highly recognized the intelligent manufacturing level of our company.

    In the following communication meeting, Mr. Fu Hubing and Mr. Mi Dongsheng both proposed that all member enterprises make concerted efforts to spread the good products of Panfeng Intelligence and generate more cooperation possibilities.