Delegation of Shenzhen Sichuan chamber of Commerce Visited Panfeng
Author:Yang Xiaotong Time:2021-06-08 11:37:00Hits:
      On June 4, 2021, under the guidance of Du Liyao, deputy head of Anzhou District, the delegation of Shenzhen Sichuan chamber of Commerce visited Panfeng intelligent. Mr. Zhang Shixiang, general manager of our company, accompanied executive vice presidents of Shenzhen Sichuan chamber of Commerce, Zou Qiang, Guo Xiaolin, pan Linlin, Wan Yuanyin, Zhang Pengcheng, and other entourage to visit the plants and make a detailed introduction.

       Mr. Zhang Shixiang, general manager, first took everyone to visit high-tech intelligent production equipment: bending robot, laser cutting machine, welding robot, automatic spraying assembly line, etc. He also said: at present, the production of the company's products mainly depends on high-tech production equipment, and the labor only needs to regulate the product sequence to ensure production safety, efficiency and quality.

       Then, Mr. Zhang led everyone into the electrical decoration workshop and introduced to the Hive express cabinet, Alibaba meal cabinet, intelligent rice milling machine and vegetable washing machine. After visiting the production workshop and products of Panfeng intelligent, the delegation of Shenzhen Sichuan chamber of Commerce expressed great appreciation for Mr. Zhang 's operation and management, and expressed their willingness to do their best to help promote our high-quality products!

     After the factory visit, it was the scorching sun. Mr. Zhang has already prepared coffee milk tea, crisp sweet popcorn and creamy ice cream for the shenzhen Sichuan Chamber of Commerce delegation. These delicious foods are made by our intelligent coffee grinder, popcorn maker and ice cream machine. People are raving about the taste of the food. Everyone said that the innovation research and development of Panfeng intelligent is forward-looking, and firmly believe that with the strength of panfeng intelligent manufacturing, it will be famous in the country!