Enjoy every meal from now on——Panfeng intelligent vegetable washing machine
Author:Yang Xiaotong Time:2021-06-04 11:34:00Hits:
     Before the 21st century, people washed rice, vegetables and clothes by Wells or rivers. The water was clear enough to drink. With the development of The Times, our country is strong, our economy is prosperous, and our living standard is gradually improved. Gradually, we begin to pay attention to our own food safety.

    Do we use chemical cleaning agents to wash our fruits and vegetables and then eat them directly now? Can meat be used directly after rinsing with water? In order to increase the yield and quality of fruits, vegetables and meat, we use chemicals more or less. So do you dare to eat them without hesitation?

     When spraying pesticides on vegetables and fruits, pesticides will flow down the vegetable leaves and stems and gather at the upper and pedicle of vegetables with the influence of gravity. It's easy to hide pesticides and vegetables in the leaf petals. Therefore, the R & D personnel of our company have made a three-step process for this particularity, using ultrasonic generator and high-frequency physical vibration to make the dirt fall off from the surface of vegetables, fruits and meat. (see the video for the process)
    During operation, the purification module and water will generate strong oxidizing free hydroxyl radical through ionization, so as to use its strong oxidizing effect to eliminate bacteria and kill antibiotic, pesticide and other residues. Then the wave making pipe is used. The high-speed water flow can make the dirt fall off quickly, and separate the sediment and oil slick of vegetables, fruits and meat at the same time. After a series of operation processes are completed, the nutrition of fruits and vegetables is still retained.

     Panfeng intelligent vegetable washing machine starts with one button, with super large capacity. It can save time and labor cost when cleaning dishes, and there is no need for vegetable washing workers. It covers a small area, only 0.824 square meters, saving space. Panfeng intelligent vegetable washing machine can effectively clean grains, meat, aquatic products and other foods. It is suitable for schools, enterprise canteens, food processing plants, central kitchens and other occasions. At the same time, Panfeng intelligent can make different styles of vegetable washing machine according to different application occasions, welcome to order!