Panfeng Intelligent Mill Upgrade Again!
Author:Yang Xiaotong Time:2021-07-15 16:25:00Hits:
Upgrade again!
Pan Feng launched a refined version of the rice mill
we must applaud for panfeng people!
The machine was completely updated from the outside to the inside
Upgraded enjoyment of vision and experience

Refined version vs ordinary version
While retaining the previous advantages
the whole machine structure has been adjusted
The precision of rice milling has been more optimized,
and the win-win of "high quality" and "high return" has been achieved.

Panfeng intelligent rice milling machine(Refined version)
The machine has been carefully designed in shape and interior structure, reducing the volume, which makes the internal structure more clear and tidy
It covers an area of only 0.8 square meters
It takes about 30 seconds to grind the rice
Stable profitability, low operating costs

Precise separation of rice and bran
Rice barn and bran barn are evenly distributed
No dust and zero pollution
Faster and cleaner
Dynamic weighing ensures accurate weight
Your good choice, better purchase and best comforts!
cultivating consumer brand loyalty
The large 21.5-inch screen not only clearly shows purchase options,
but also allows video advertising and campaign information
A rice milling machine, multi-channel profit
Advanced Internet of Things Technology is adopted to
ensure the remote operation and maintenance of the background,
allowing the operation and maintenance personnel
to remotely manage the sales status through mobile phones or computers
Panfeng intelligent rice milling machine
Panfeng intelligent rice milling machine can be used in
shopping malls, supermarkets, fresh stores, convenience stores and restaurants
and other application scenarios
Consumers can enjoy fresh germ rice at any time
Say goodbye to stored rice
Convenient and nutritious