Panfeng Intelligent Coffee Machine into the Chongqing Market
Author:Yang Xiaotong Time:2021-07-28 16:32:00Hits:
What's your impression of Chongqing?
For me, it is "climb the hill, eat hot pot"
I like to experience the food culture of faraway places
But I also fear the cruel weather of summer
I used to hope that artificial intelligence could do anything
It can help me to eat delicious food at any time
and I don't need to find and wait hard
Thanks to smart vending machines
Now that dream seems to have come true
My favorite coffee is available anytime, anywhere now

Panfeng intelligent coffee machine(customised version) has been put into operation in Chongqing and is very popular
It can make not only freshly ground coffee,
but also milk tea
Its coffee and milk tea are cheap and fragrant without food additive
Loved by local citizens


Its production speed is fast,
and office workers can enjoy it in time
More than 50 flavors of coffee and milk tea can be provided to meet the needs of the public

The picture shows Panfeng staff explaining the use steps of the coffee machine on site
One-click shopping
Consumers can choose according to their own preferences: no sugar, less sugar, more sugar
Supports WeChat, Alipay and FacePay
Special cup cover design, to avoid coffee and milk tea spilled

Width 750mm, height 1850mm, depth 720mm
Covers an area of only about 0.5 square meters
24 hours a day, 21.5-inch touchscreen for advertising
Equipment can be placed in shopping malls, amusement parks, office buildings, cinemas, community and other applications
Consumers can buy freshly ground milk tea and coffee anytime, anywhere
Coffee machines can also be customized based on customer’s reasonable needs

It is equipped with a remote background operations system
Mobile phones and computers can manage the status of sales orders at any time
Ensure a smart shopping experience that consumers can enjoy
This can save labor costs while also allowing you to set up coupons through remote back-office management to attract and expand your customer base

China's current grinding coffee market has broad prospects
Panfeng smart coffee machine by virtue of the following advantage like
Freshly ground
Stable remote operation
more than 20 exclusive patented technologies
excellent coffee, milk tea quality
a wide range of products
 and a good price
 to win the favor of customers