Panfeng Intelligent Filing Cabinet ---“ an Employee” of a Court in Mianyang
Author:Yang Xiaotong Time:2021-08-04 17:30:00Hits:
Panfeng smart filing cabinet was officially worked
in a people's court in Mianyang City.
It can be counted as a 24-hour employee.
 Probably it can be called the court's most prominent and efficient "employee"!
Are you still plagued by office documents and storage problems?
Panfeng Intelligent rotating filing cabinet can help you solve it.
You have to look up the file records when you look for documents?
Panfeng Intelligent rotating filing cabinet can also help you.
The operation is simple and convenient.

Don't look down on it.
Although it is not as wide as an archive storage room
Although it is not as wide as an archive, it has a large storage capacity.
It covers a small area
And has large storage capacity so than can saves space
Boast forInformation management and intelligent operation
With high productivity
Smart screens allow the archive catalog to be clearly displayed
In addition, we can provide customized services

Panfeng intelligent rotating file cabinet
Can be used for commercial buildings, group companies, enterprise units, national archives
and other places

A good office environment will make employees comfortable
A Panfeng intelligent rotating filing cabinet can not only makes employees comfortable,
but also improves the efficiency of employees to increase the fun of work
In addition, the 21.5-inch touchscreen can play company video and notifications